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A poem for you, by you, through me.

Embark on a journey of self-discovery and personal insight with The Poetry Channel.


This unique offering bridges the gap between your conscious mind and the profound wisdom of your higher self, inviting you to explore the depths of your being through the art of poetry.

When you choose to become my muse, I will intuitively connect with the energy of your higher self to channel a personalised piece of poetry that reflects your innermost thoughts, feelings, and aspirations. The resulting work of art goes straight to the heart of your spiritual essence, using words as a vessel for deeper understanding and enlightenment.

What You Will Receive:

You will receive a five-verse poem, intuitively channeled, that speaks directly to you. This poem is a reflective and often illuminating piece, offering insights, affirmations, and guidance uniquely relevant to your current path and journey. Delivered via email complete with printable PDF and audio recording, this poem serves as a beautiful, tangible connection to your higher consciousness.

Who This Service Is For:

The Poetry Channel is ideal for individuals seeking a deeper understanding of themselves and their spiritual path. This offering is perfect for you if:

  • Spiritual Seekers: You are on a journey of spiritual awakening or self-discovery and are looking for unique ways to connect with your higher self and gain profound insights into your life’s purpose and direction.

  • Personal Growth Enthusiasts: You are committed to personal development and are open to exploring new methods to enhance your self-awareness, intuition, and emotional intelligence.

  • Creative Souls: You have an appreciation for the arts and poetry, and you are eager to experience how creative expression can unlock deeper layers of your psyche and spiritual essence.

  • Those Facing Life Transitions: You are navigating significant changes or challenges in your life and seek personalized guidance and affirmation to help you make informed decisions and move forward with clarity and confidence.

  • Meditative and Reflective Individuals: You enjoy practices that promote introspection and mindfulness, and you value having tangible, meaningful pieces of wisdom to reflect upon during your contemplative practices.

  • People Seeking Personal Affirmations: You desire affirmations and guidance that resonate deeply with your personal journey, offering a source of comfort, inspiration, and encouragement uniquely tailored to you.

  • Anyone Curious About Spiritual Connection: You are curious about exploring a deeper spiritual connection in a new and creative way, open to the possibility of receiving messages and guidance from your higher self through the art of poetry.

I look forward to co-creating some poetic magic!

Book no.1


"As Amy’s words hit my inbox and into my ears, tears rushed down my face. Every word held such potency and it felt as if these words were being spoken to the deepest part of my spirit. Freeing me and bringing me into presence. It was quite profound and unexpected but felt so potent and strong. Amy has a gift. And I would recommend her for anyone wanting a chanelled message of potency and magic."
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