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Amy Felicity Robinson

Poet | Philosopher | Intuitive

Exploring consciousness.

Awakening through poetry.

2318 Book Cover

Amy's epic poem,

2318 is now available!

A sci-fi spiritual odyssey set 300 years in the future and written entirely in rhyme, this beautifully mind-bending narrative dares to explore some of modern day's biggest philosophical questions;

What if life were a video game?

What would be the rules?

What would be the aim?


Amy Felicity Robinson Poet

Welcome to the world of Amy Felicity Robinson, where poetry and philosophy intersect with the intuitive arts.


Residing in the tranquil backdrop of Coffs Harbour, Australia, Amy crafts poetry that serves as a portal to profound reflections on existence and the evolving landscape of human consciousness. Her work is not just an artistic expression but a deep dive into the realms of reality and our collective journey through it.


Amy's unique approach to writing weaves together her background in psychic development and shamanic practices.

She champions the transformative power of poetry as a vessel for self-exploration, healing, and spiritual advancement.

Amy's debut audiobook, 2318, is a captivating sci-fi spiritual odyssey rendered entirely in rhyme. Follow the young protagonist, Sadie, as she navigates simulated lifetimes and timelines, embracing her destiny through challenges and toward enlightenment. This poetic narrative promises to be a transformative journey of discovery, echoing Amy's dedication to exploring and understanding the intricate tapestry of our existence.



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